Our Story


I have always believed that you should follow your heart and dream big!

My daughter Kate, named after my late mother Katherine, and I reached for the stars and took a leap of faith to follow our dream of creating our very own mother daughter resort wear line! 

Kate Leigh is a brand that celebrates women and girls, but also especially mothers and daughters. Working on the development of this brand and custom prints allows the legacy of my late mother who passed from breast cancer and whose nickname with close friends and family was “Penny,” to shine through and make all of us feel magical!

We all have that person in our lives that really is one of a kind, irreplaceable and yet still inspirational after they are no longer with us. Penny was my Mom’s nickname because pennies can be unique; they are the first in the money chain, they can shine, we use them to make a wish and those wishes can come true! In my Mom’s loving honor we are working to make her wish come true by donating a portion of our proceeds to breast cancer research in hopes of finding a cure within our lifetime.

Wish It. Dream it. Do It!
Leigh Gale - Founder